Press Quotes

The glory in singer Serenity Fisher's raw and emotive voice reminds me of an early Julie Miller.  Serenity Fisher and the Cardboard Hearts are a band to listen out for.  They have their own unique sound that is refreshing and very powerful.”

— Angela Backstrom, Americana Music Director WFHB

Listened to new @SerenityFisher CD. First thing I did after it ended? Hit repeat. Mondays are made for theatrical indie dream pop.”

Chandler Coyle, Author of The Coyle Report

Artist Quotes

There are certain tracks that just catch your ear. It happens less and less frequently these days, maybe once or twice a year. I came across one of those tracks the other day while surfing Facebook. It was posted by my very talented friend, Bobby Fisher, and it knocked me out. Unusual, interesting, and in a class by itself, "Carousel of Love" was a delightful departure from most of the ephemera that you find on the internet. But it was also a teaser - a track from a forthcoming album that I now look forward to when there is little left to look forward to in the music world. Congratulations, Bobby - I can’t wait to hear the rest, especially if it’s as good as ‘Carousel of Love’!”

— Steve Katz, Blood Sweat and Tears

Serenity has a unique knack for taking listeners on a surrealistic journey that stretches your mind and your heart. Her charm is sincere and encourages 'Follow me - it's going to be fun and you'll grow as a person' All of that and she's an adept, mature musician, songwriter and singer. There's no one like Serenity, and her band matches every move - amplifying the experience and adding gas to her dream machine.”

— Dawn & Hawkes, Texas Songwriting Duo Featured on the Voice

Serenity Fisher & The Cardboard Hearts is a mix of Indy, Folk, all the way to Broadway. It is like listening to an audio jawbreaker with all the different layers and colors to explore as I hear new and wonderful things every time I listen…”

— Michael J. Ronstadt, International Touring Musician, Recording Artist, Songwriter

There is something about their music that draws you in and demands your attention. They are an incredible group of musicians who seem to mesh in a unique way that pushes their music to places that individually they wouldn't be able to venture. Their songs contain depth and movement which keeps things interesting. Along with being some of the most kind-hearted individuals you will have ever met, their music is something to experience. Serenity Fisher and the Cardboard Hearts are genuinely passionate about the music that they are making; and it comes across whether you are seeing them perform live or listening to their records. The authenticity and relentless creativity that this band has seems to be immeasurable.”

— Joe Dunlap, Versatile Musician and Owner/Producer at Bongo Tree Studios

Magic happens! One can't help but fall in love with Serenity for herinnovative and original song writing skills, her clear, crystal voice, andher eternally youthful and innocent spirt. Her supporting group of musiciansplay intuitively off of each other, and lend impressive expertise andintimacy to each of their instruments.  Serenity Fisher & The CardboardHearts will touch your heart.”

— Amy Immerman, Pianist/Teacher/Co-Owner of Cincinnati Music Academy